As per Year : 2017- 18

Sr M Zenita BS- Superior

As per Year : 2016- 17

Providence Convent, Balkunje


Present Superior : Sr Nathalia BS

Sr Nathalia BS

Year of Establishment : 08.06.1930
Pioneer Superior Sr.Margaret B.S.


1.Sr.Lazarus B.S.
2.Sr.Xavier B.S.

All the superior who served the Convent

1.Sr.Margaret B.S.
2.Sr.Gabriel B.S.
3.Sr.Louise B.S.
4.Sr.Clare B.S.
5.Sr.Flavia B.S.
6.Sr.Berchmans B.S.
7.Sr.Petra B.S.
8.Sr.Honorina B.S.
9.Sr.Flavia B.S,
10.Sr.Honorina B.S,
11.Sr.Joanina B.S.
12.Sr.Lisia B.S.
13.Sr.Janet B.S.
14.Sr.Milburge B.S.
15.Sr.MarieLyta B.S.
16.Sr.Denzil B.S.
17.Sr.Elize B.S.
18.Sr.Clarita B.S.
19.Sr.Acquilla B.S.
20.Sr.Diana Sequeira
21.Sr.Helen Mary B.S.
22.Sr.Sr.Denzil B.S,

Present superior : Sr.Nathalia Dias



Convent Building Photo :


Present Superior and sisters :


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Address of the Convent

Providence Convent, Balkunje Post
Mangalore Tq. D.k. -574154
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