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Madeleine Convent Mulki


Name of the Superior   :   Sr M Nanditha BS



Madeleine is the fruit of the far sighted vision of the servant of God. Msgr. R.F.C. Mascarenhas the founder of Bethany. Madeleine school was started 12 years ahead of erecting the convent that is in 1946. In 1958 May 26th Madeleine Convent was erected. The Servant of God,  Msgr  RFC Mascarenhas the founder of Bethany had seen the struggles of the children walking 6 miles and going to Kinnigoly to get value based catholic education at Little Flower High School Managed by the Bethany sisters. Having seen this urgent need and also at the request of the local people he started Madeleine High School in 1946 before the Independence. To get the permission to erect a convent our beloved Founder had to wait for 12 long years. Till Then he himself managed the school with the help of the dedicated staff. At last in 1958 after getting the due permission Madeleine convent was erected with five sisters and late Sr M  BS  was the first Superior and the correspondent of Madeleine.

Her successors are as follows :
Sr M Louise , Sr M Rose, Sr Theresia, Sr Hyacinth, Sr Hilaria, Sr Christella, Sr Clarita, Sr Wilma, Sr Diana Monteroi, Sr Neeta and Sr Shubha. Presently Sr Agnes Pinto renders her valuable service in animating the community. The Madeleine convent celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 25th May 2008. Thus sisters were engaged in Educational, Pastoral and Social Apostolate. The Technical school catered to the needs of the local girls in training them for the development of their skills in craft and tailoring for many years, is now remains closed. In the year 2006 the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany purchased about 15 acres of land at Kilpady  Mulki from Dr Suresh Aranha, Mulki. In that land Bethany Eng.Hr. Pry school, Madeleine PU College cum Bethany High School buildings are put up for the mission.

The existing convent building could not accommodate all the sisters of the community under one roof. So they were residing in to a house that is Madeleine and the technical school. It was the desire of the sisters to reside in one house.  Therefore Sr Mariette , the Provincial Superior understood the need of the sisters and permitted to renovate the technical school and thus renovated .It was blessed by Most Rev Dr Aloysius Paul D’souza Bishop of Mangalore on 14th Nov 2012.

The Madeleine Convent has the following educational institutions:
The Madeleine Hr Pry School, Mulki.
The Madeleine High School, Mulki
The Bethany Eng Med Hr Pry School, Kilpady,Mulki
The Madeleine PU College, Kilpady, Mulki
The Bethany Eng Med High School,Kilpady. Mulki

The community consists of 15 sisters rendering their services in different schools.


NAME OF THE CONVENT    : Madeleine Convent, Mulki
YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT     : 26-05-1958
PIONEER MEMBERS    : Sr M Clare BS, Sr M Faustine BS, Sr M Jovita BS, Sr M Josephine BS

ALL THE SUPERIORS WHO SERVED THE CONVENT: Sr M Agnella BS, Sr M Louise BS, Sr M Rose BS, Sr M Theresia BS, Sr M Hyacinth BS, Sr M Hilaria BS, Sr M Christella BS, Sr M Clarita BS, Sr M Wilma BS, Sr M Diana Monteiro BS, Sr M Nita BS, Sr M Shubha BS, Sr M Agnes Pinto BS
Present Superior : Sr M Agnes Pinto BS




Madeleine Convent
Mulki Post
D.K. 574 154
PHONE NO : 0824/2290586
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