The Province Assembly of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany Mangalore Province was held 26th to 28th July 2019 at Bethany Provincialate Vamanjoor. The theme of the Province Assembly was ‘Forming a right Conscience for vibrant living of our Consecrated life.  Rev Sr Cicilia Mendonca BS, the Provincial Superior of Mangalore Province presided over the assembly.
Sr Dr Sahana BS the Provincial Councillor of Bangalore Province presented the input on the theme of the Assembly. Speaking on the subject matter, she said the nature of conscience is based on the following:
Knowledge of right and wrong, values and principles, ability to freely choose and desire to do good. One needs to imbibe kindness, goodness, honesty, transparency, self-discipline, responsibility, perseverance, loyalty, trust and forgiveness in order to be a person of values and Principles. Conscience is a person’s most secret core and the sanctuary. It is the inner voice of God ever calling us to confidentiality to live a life of sincerity. Following one’s conscience is also means being more human. To be more human is becoming fully genuinely human. To be human, it is not enough to appear like human. In a religious community, we walk together, search together and love each other with sincerity, accepting the other as God given gift to share our goodness and kindness. One needs to introspect one’s thinking, speaking and acting level. 
Indeed it was a soul searching day to find ourselves responding to the question raised by God in the Garden of Eden ‘Where are you’.  
The process of the Assembly was guided by the Provincial Superior. The centenary project plans were evaluated. Indeed it was a great learning for each one and equip oneself with new teaching and learning. The assembly was concluded with the plan of action for the communities to follow in the year ahead. 

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