“As the clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand” (Jer. 18:6)

Formation in the Institute of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Mangalore, is a continuous process that envisages a gradual configuration of a Bethany Sister into the person of Jesus Christ. The formation in our Congregation takes place in the following stages:

1. “Come and See” (Jn 1:39), with these words Jesus initiated the gradual process of transformation in human persons who sought to follow Him in order to make them His disciples. Candidates who join us are kept together at Bethany Home, Kirem, for a year with the sole purpose of knowing one another. They are taught to pray, study, work and live in harmony.

2. Student Candidates: In the following year, they are placed at either Maryvale Convent, Kinnigoly, or Nazareth Convent, Bajpe, to pursue their academic studies at Little Flower PU College Kinnigoly, and St Joseph’s PU College at Bajpe, respectively. During this period, opportunities are provided to grow in the awareness of their call.

3. Pre-Novitiate - The first stage of formation begins with the commencement of Pre-Novitiate period at a house situated in Bajpe. The pre-novices of Southern and Mangalore Provinces are brought together for ‘formation in mission.’ The focus here is integration of lifestyle, spiritual growth, human development and participation in the struggles of the poor. This stage of formation paves the way for Novitiate which is at Rosa Mystica, Kinnikambla for two years.

4. Novitiate: Novitiate formation is an important phase in the life of a young Seeker to embrace the Religious Life. Here the novice (a beginner in religious life) constantly strives to know and love the person of Jesus Christ whom she wishes to follow. This is done through the various classes on Scripture, liturgy and especially through prayer. A novice’s primary motivation is to fall in love with Jesus her beloved and put on his mind and spirit.

5. First Year Juniorate: The first year junior sisters are placed in various communities as per need and given the mission of home management in view of continuing their formation in communities. At the end of the first year, they are brought together for three months for intense formation which has positive influence on their lives. They are refreshed and reoriented to live for Christ.

6. Juniorate: The second or third year junior sisters are sent for academic studies in different Colleges as per the need of the Congregation/Province and aptitude of the individual. During their studies, they are provided with many spiritual courses in order to deepen all the aspects of religious life.

7. Tertianship: The culmination of juniorate is the tertianship of one year, where all the elements of religious life are integrated. The time is devoted to a study in Charism and Spirituality of the Congregation, Constitutions, the Bible, Mission of the Church, Vows and various dimensions of personality. A thirty-day retreat and a month’s social exposure tend to provide a deep experience of God’s love and the mission of Christ.

From the time of ‘Come and see’ till the time of Perpetual Commitment the formees are accompanied by the formators at various stages of formation. Thus, formation takes a place of pride in the Province and enables the individual to take personal responsibility for ongoing formation.

8. Perpetual Commitment: At the end of the tertiate if the Sister is found suitable for the Religious life she is permitted to make perpetual commitment.

The quality of formation is closely related to the quality of formators. With this in mind, the formators are trained by providing opportunities for academic studies, formators’ course, counseling skills, spiritual direction etc.

Formation Ministry Core Group:
Sr Mariette BS – Provincial Superior 
Sr M Sharon BS – Province Coordinator for Formation
Sr M Priya Rose BS – Novice directress
Sr M Roshel BS – Pre-novice directress
Sr M Inviolata BS – Student Candidates’ directress (Kinnigoli)
Sr M Veena Aranha BS – Student Candidates’ directress (Bajpe)
Sr M Preethi Prathima BS – Come and See Candidates’ Directress




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