To all the Sisters of Mangalore Province, My dear Sisters, All Saints Day: In the liturgical calendar, November begins with the solemn celebration of All Saints Day, a day when we honor and remember all the saints, known and unknown, who have lived exemplary lives and are now with God in heaven. It serves as an inspiration for us to strive for holiness in our own lives, following in the footsteps of these holy men and women who have gone before us. Karnataka Rajyotsava: November 1st is a day of great significance as it marks the celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava. It commemorates the formation of the State of Karnataka in 1956. It's a time to come together and celebrate our unique culture, heritage, contributions to the nation and to pray for our political leaders. All Souls Day: November 2nd is dedicated to remembering and praying for all the souls of the departed, especially those in purgatory, as we believe in the power of prayer to assist them on their journey towards God's eternal presence. It's a time for reflection on our own mortality and the importance of praying for the deceased. As the month of November is dedicated to Holy souls pray daily for the departed members. Children’s Day: On a national level, a day is dedicated to honoring and cherishing the future of our nation, our children. It's a day to reflect on the importance of nurturing and educating them, ensuring their well-being and creating a brighter future for the next generation. Feast of Christ the King: This feast reminds us of the sovereignty of Christ over all creation and encourages us to recognize Him as the ruler of our lives. It's a call to submit to His loving and merciful reign and to live in accordance with His teachings, spreading His message of love and compassion. These five celebrations in November provide us with a rich material of spiritual reflection, national unity, and State pride, reminding us of our duties to God, our country, and our fellow citizens. Pope’s intention for the month of November invites us to pray for Pope Francis that he be blessed with good health to be a blessing to humanity.

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