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The Sisters of St Xaviers Convent Ajekar


 Sr M Acquilla BS


When the Bethany Sisters ventured on their mission in Ajekar, the economic condition of the people was very poor. Christian presence was just emerging. The majority people were illiterate. Those listed as illiterate had only primary education because there was no high school. Rev. Fr.Ligoury D’Souza, the Parish Priest of Ajekar felt the need  of it.Trusting in God, despite numerous obstacles, he constructed a modest high school building with the generous help of the local people. The Bethany Sisters were invited to be in charge of Jyothi High School.

Rev. Mother Macreena , the Superior General obtaining permission from the Bishop, Most. Rev. Raymond D’Mello, erected a community on 22nd June 1964 in a rented house with the pioneers, Sr.Honoratha as Superior, Sr.Edburge as Headmistress, Sr.Potence, Sr.Bertilla and a maid Tresa D’Souza. Sr.Noreen, the Regional Superior was present on this occasion. Rev. Fr. Ligoury D’Souza blessed the house.The convent was constructed in 1966 and was named as St.Xavier’s Convent.

Sisters concentrated on the educational apostolate and the school got progressed remarkably.The children were economically poor and could not go to Karkal to continue their studies.So in the year 1972 Jyothi School of Commerce was started with type writing and short hand courses, tailoring and embroidery classes. This project was funded by Misereor, Germany. These courses were slowly diminished when the Fashion Designing  and advanced technical institutes began to flourish in  Nitte and Karkal.The strength of Jyothi High School gradually decreased from 1980 as five Government schools were established in the neighborhood. Hence the staff members of the school were transferred except three sisters and a science graduate Mr.Jalandar Rai.

At. present the community is having 22.09 acres of land which is a gift from the parish and was registered in the name of  St.Xavier’s Convent, by St. Lawrence Church, Attur.10 Acres of land is utilized for cultivation and some portion of the same is used for rubber plantation which will be the source of income to the Congregation.

Jyothi Mahila Mandal was started in 1992 and ever since it has continued  with much enthusiasm and interest. The self-help groups were intitiated in 2006 and they function well. There are six vocations from this parish for Bethany. In moments of ups and downs the community was successfully steered by the generous and selfless services of our pioneers and headmistresses who really shouldered the responsibility of the convent and school.

At present there is Jyothi Pre University college which helps the students of the locality to continue their studies and has become very famous under the leadership of Sr. Sadhana. In 2014 the convent and the High school celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their existence. The Alumni Association of the High School is constructing a multipurpose building in memory of the Golden Jubilee of the school. A hostel for girls has been started in honour of it. Sr. Reena, the Headmistress of the High School is also the warden of the hostel. She works selflessly  for the development of the school. May her efforts be blessed by God and bring forth blessings  in this locality. Kind providence has blessed the efforts of Bethany Sisters at Ajekar who feel the powerful protection in the ever increasing number of girls and boys educated by them serve God in various congregations.

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