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Kawdur, Kinnikambla Community


Name of the Superior   :   Sr M Sunil BS


History of Pompei convent:

The Pompei convent was started with the intention of raising the Pompei Primary School to higher primary status, Rev. Fr,John ST Rodriguez requested Rev. Mother Macrina the Superior General to assign a few Sisters to teach there. Her response was that two sisters would be assigned to his school provided that there would be two vocations from his parish to the Bethany congregation. Rev. Fr John ST Rodrigues accepted the challenge knowing fully well that not a single girl from his parish had ever sought admission into the Bethany Congregation despite the fact that the nearby Rosa Mystica Convent had been in existence for almost thirty years. Since then more have entered until at present they number close to twenty five to Bethany Congregation. 

The school gained the higher primary status on 4th June ,1961.Sr.Patricea and a postulant  Sr. Florita were assigned to teach there starting on 13th June, 1962. St the request of Rew.Fr.John ST Rodrigues for more teachers a couple of years later, two additional Sisters were sent. The Four Sisters resided at Rosa mystica Convent and Walked to and from school, a distance of about two kilometers. To remedy this situation the Congregation took on lease half an acre of church land to build a modest Convent. The Vicar General, Rev,Mgr William A. Lewis dedicated it on 15th December. 1964. On 1st January 1965 the community took up residence there with Sister Gertrude as superior-in-charge for three months until Sr Susanna could be appointed as the first canonical superior. Sr. Joanet, Sr.Jacintha, Sr Sume, Sr.Helen Mary,Sr Ima, Sr. Electa, Sr Praescilda and  presently Sr.Helen Rodrigues are  the superiors.

Since the convent is located in the heart of the church campus, the Sister are very much involved in all parish activities.They assist the pastor4 by teaching  Christian Doctrine, preparing children for the Sacraments, and fostering pious associations in the parish. Small Christian community meetings, family visits, teaching Catechism ,helping in the church, preparing the children for First communion, Girls Sodality of Blessed Vergin Mary, altar boys, attending Catholic Sabha Meetings, Legion of Mary , Pastoral Council and visiting the bereaved families. Their main apostolate of education was backed up by the dynamic leadership of Sr.Patricia, Sr Marie Hazel, Sr Selma,Sr Milburge, Sr Jacintha, Sr Helen Mary Sr Ims  Sr Sybil  Sr Rita Felcy,  Sr Mercine  presently Sr Pavana in Pompei Higher Primary School. She is the only one teaching sister left in the school.

For the journey covered, the sisters remain grateful to the pioneer Sr Patricia for her fidelity to the charism of Bethany that has struck the deep chord of faithfulness in their hearts.


Name of the Convent    : Pompei Convent , Kinnikambla

Year of Establishment    : 01-01-1965

Pioneer Sisters/Superier : Sr. Susanna

Sisters  :                  Sr. Patricia                      
                                  Sr. Pius                           
                                  Sr. Ester                     
                                  Sr. Florita

Name of the Superiors : Sr. Susanna,
                                  Sr. Ancilla,
                                  Sr. Joanet,
                                  Sr. Jecintha,
                                  Sr. Suma,
                                  Sr. Helen Mary,   
                                  Sr. Ima,
                                  Sr. Electa,
                                  Sr. Precitda.


Name of the Present Superior    : Sr. Helen Rodrigues




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