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Name of the Superior : Sr Lolita Pereira

History of Nazareth Convent, Bajpe
Nazareth Convent, Bajpe  was established  as the fourth  branch house of the congregation on 29th September 1930 by the Founder R.F.C  Mascarenhas. After the establishment of the congregation in 1921  he saw the helpless condition of the poor and uneducated people in remote villages.  His  purpose  was spiritual development and service to humanity through Bethany Sisters, who would dedicate their lives to work in village schools. He wanted to extend  his Charism of service  to Bajpe as well. So he sent Srs. Josephine, Raphael,  Emilda, and Dolores as pioneers of the fourth Bethany branch, at the invitation of late Rev.Fr Leo Saldanha, the parish priest of  Bajpe. They carried out their educational ministry at Little Flower Hr.Primary School which commenced on 25 October 1927 and was managed by the parish. After 3 years  Nazareth Convent,Bajpe,was established on 29 September 1930. It was approved by the late Bishop, Most Rev.Valerian  J.D souza and late Most Rev .V.R Fernandez.
In the beginning, the Sisters occupied a small rented house situated near the church premises. The first superior of the convent was Sr. Josephine. Sr. Raphael assisted her in the school. Two years later, in 1932, the parish school was further upgraded and became a full fledged higher primary school, thus serving the parish and the local community. The Sisters bought 4 acres of land and another 2 acres were donated by late Mr Cyprian Arouza Pai of Bajpe and a convent was built, which now is called Nazareth home the Pre- Novitiate .

In 1964 Fr. Leo Carvallo expressed the need for a High School for girls. On 16th July 1964 Holy Family High School was opened with Sr. Valeria as the first Headmistress. The High school is in its Golden Year this year. Thousands of students have passed through the portals of this institution occupying honorable places in society.
On September 2005 the convent celebrated Platinum Jubilee of its establishment. Rt. Rev. Aloysius Paul D’Souza, the Bishop of Mangalore was the main celebrant of the Eucharistic celebration. On   this occasion a high school auditorium called Nazareth Auditoium was built and a souvenir  named  Nazareth Rays was was brought out.
At present there are ten sisters in the community with Sr. Lisa B.S. as the superior. Sisters render their service in different ministries like education, pastoral. Social and family apostolate along with the apostolate of praying.  Sisters serve in three schools of Bethany Educational Society namely Holy Family High School Kannada Medium, Holy Family High School English Medium, and Little Flower Hr. Pry. School.  Morning star Hr. Pry. School of the Catholic Board of Education is also headed by the Bethany Sister of this community. 

Name of  the Convent  : Nazareth Convent, Bajpe


Year of  Establishment : 29th September  1930

Name of the present Superior :  

Sr. Lisa B.S.

Name of the Pioneer Superior :

Address of the Convent :  Nazareth Convent, Bajpe post, Bajpe, Mangalore  574142   D.K.

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Phone Number : 0824  2251880

Name and Address of the School  : Aided Holy Family High School, Bajpe Post, Bajpe, Mangalore   574142  D.K. 
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Phone : 0824 2252543


 Nazareth Convent, Bajpe


Sisters of  Nazareth Convent, Bajpe


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