Little Flower Higher Primary School, Darbe, Puttur (Estd: 1928)



School Building

Knowing the need of Education the then parish priest of Mai De Deus Church started St Francis Xavier School for boys in 1924. Later in 1928 Msgr Raymond the Founder of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany started Little Flower Higher Pry School for girls. Education of girls was his dream. He was convinced that only education would dispel the darkness in the families. In 1972 both the schools were amalgamated for the smooth functioning of the schools.
Right from the beginning the following Headmistresses served: Sr. Lourdes, Sr. Margaret, Sr. Catherine, Sr. Anunciata, Sr. Gabriel, Sr. Luveeza, Sr Celine, Sr Barchmens, Sr. Gemma, Sr. Aloysia, Sr. Silvia, Sr. Gonsaga, Sr. Anysia, Sr. Pauline, Sr. Lydia, Sr Bernard, Sr. Alfreeda, Sr. Gretta, Sr. Jecintha, Sr. Johnina, Sr. Emilia, Sr. Emilda, Sr. Ima, Sr. Agnetta, Sr. Selma, Sr. Lioba, Sr. Felsy Cutinho, Sr. Helen Mary, Sr. Doris, Sr Sybil, Sr Arun Savio, Sr. Prashanthi, Sr. Lilly Gonsalves and Sr Lilly D’Souza.
Dedicated, hard-working, efficient and effective headmistresses and staff laid a solid foundation for the all-round development of the students. “To teach is to touch the life forever”. With this view all the headmistresses and teachers from the beginning till now strive hard to be beacons of light spreading knowledge and values.


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