My dear Sisters,
The essence of Christmas is to behold the great mystery of ‘God becoming human so that the human person becomes divine.’ The manner in which  He embraced humanity and entered into  our history is something amazing; the infinite became finite; the omnipotent became a weak child. He came  down silently as a ray of light, as the fragrance of a flower, as the life-giving dew on a winter morning and as an ordinary babe in a manger. In other  words, “God walked down the stairs of heaven with a Baby in His arms” – Paul Scherer.
Christmas is also an event of God’s solidarity with us, God’s oneness among us, God’s self- emptying for us. The world is getting more fearful with  covid-19. Can my Christmas gift to the world is of love and sharing? The world is getting more tensed with religion. Can my Christmas gift be to work  for  greater harmony among the people of different faiths? The world is turning a blind eye towards the plight of the poor. Can my Christmas gift be to  lessen my greed so that the resources of the earth may be shared with the less fortunate? Pope Francis in his ‘Social Encyclical’ Fratelli Tutti gives a  clarion call to promote universal fraternity and social friendship marked by the flavor of the Gospel (Para1). We are called to build bridges like the Good  Samaritan and become neighbors to others overcoming prejudices, personal interests, cultural barriers and recognize Emmanuel God with us.
Let us bring before the Infant King the painful and tragic experiences of our brothers and sisters and resolve to continue His work by making our contribution to the task of healing brokenness, restoring peace and harmony, offering forgiveness to our offenders and bringing hope to those in despair and darkness.
I wish you the Love, Joy and Peace of Christmas!
After the celebration of Christmas, we enter into the New Year 2021. It is a time of looking backward in order to count God’s numerous blessings on us and to look forward in order to invoke God’s blessings. The year 2020 was a year of surprises and tragic events and we have grown in and through them. At the same time, let us remind ourselves of our sins and failings, brokenness and fragility, omissions and commissions and ask pardon from a God who loves and forgives. Let us welcome the New Year with joy and cheer. I entrust all of you to the care of our
Heavenly Mother and Queen Mother of Bethany. I wish you dear sisters a Grace-filled and joyful New Year 2021!

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